Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What Ancestor Do You Wish You Could Have Met?

What would you ask them?  How would you spend a day together?

For me, more than one person comes to mind but for today I'm choosing my maternal great grandmother, Addie Elizabeth Dixon Edwards. Addie was a remarkable woman. 
Addie and Grissom Edwards  shortly after their marriage in 1897

She had 11 children.  My grandmother, was her oldest daughter and helped her mother to raise all the younger children and did most of the cooking for the family. 

Addie was born in Elberton, Georgia in 1880 to James Dixon and Nancy Charles. At the young age of 17 she married my grandfather Grissom Stewart Edwards in 1897.   She spent her entire life in Elberton. After raising 6 sons and 5 daughters and celebrating 58 years of marriage Addie died in 1955.

Addie & Grissom Edwards and all 11 of their children, my grandmother Nancy in the dark dress, about 1940

Addie was a strong and resourceful woman and raised a wonderful family. I was lucky enough to meet many of her children in my younger years.  My grandmother used to tell me that my hands looked just like her mothers, which makes me happy.  
Addie and Grissom Edwards at their 58th Wedding Anniversary Celebration  February 1955.

Who do you wish you could have met?


  1. She sounds like an amazing lady. It's a wonder that all 11 of her children survived. Welcome to GeneaBloggers. (I'm your newest follower.)

  2. Thanks, Nancy. From all accounts she truly was an amazing woman. So glad to be a part of Geneabloggers. If you will send me a link to your blog I'd love to pay a visit.